June 22, 2012

Unexpected Hospital Visit

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Destination: Entebbe, via Melbourne, Singapore and Dubai

First Day in Uganda:

Breeze through customs, get my visa with no problems, collect my luggage reasonably quickly, get out of the airport really quickly.

Some nice pizza at Ricky’s pizza place in Entebbe not far from the airport

Driving through Entebbe reminds me why I call Australia home…

Next stop (unexpected): Hospital.  Leave Mike there for an overnight stay.

Second day, Sunday: Visit Matale near Jinja where I was speaking.  Had a nice African lunch, then went to visit Juliet’s mother who lived in that village.  Juliet is our interpreter and works at the school in the village here at Butera.  Got given more lunch by Juliet’s mum.  She loved seeing us.  Made the 2.5hr drive back to the village of Butera to pick up James who also had malaria (like Mike) and take him back to his mum for some TLC in Kanyanya.

Mike had got himself home from hospital and was waiting for us back at Shirley’s sisters place.  He just has to take it easy the next few weeks!!


June 13, 2012

Transforming web.config files

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I’ve got an ASP.NET 4.0 app at work where I need different settings in my config file depending on whether I’m testing or publishing live. I found this post particularly helpful, so here it is for my future reference!
Transforming web config files.

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