May 13, 2011

When laughter isn’t the best medicine…

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When laughter isn’t the best medicine… and other lessons I’ve learned in the last few weeks:
1. About 4 weeks ago now, I went into hospital to have a cyst removed. It was meant to be minor surgery, but turned into major surgery. The consequence of that though, is that I ended up having my abdominal muscles cut – not quite cut in half, but it sure felt like it. One of the downsides of that though is that coughing, and unfortunately laughing, was virtually impossible without huge pain. So for the last few weeks, laughter has definitely not been the best medicine! Such a shame… And it’s Eurovision time again. Last year I watched it with a few friends and we laughed so much – good thing I’m not doing that this year!

2. I was out walking today and a girl was waiting at the bus stop, siting down texting. The bus didn’t see her, so went past, but just caught sight of her before it was too late, and managed to pause long enough to almost stop down the road a bit, but she didn’t get up when she saw the bus, so it kept going. When it didn’t stop, she yelled at it, but went back to her phone! I was trying so hard not to laugh at the situation! So far I haven’t had to catch the bus yet (I’m not allowed to drive for at least another two weeks), but if I do, I’ll remember to keep an eye out for the bus, not to stay sitting down texting.

3. The last lesson of note I’ve learned – put doctors appointments in your phone! So annoyed at myself for getting the date wrong for my follow up appointment, it’s the kind of appointment you wait weeks or months for, not days and I missed it by a day. I always wondered how on earth people could get the date wrong and I’m still wondering, but now I’m one of those who’ve got it wrong.

As for the dogs in the previous post. Well, they’ve settled down since then – I have a feeling that there have been people home during the day, where as there wasn’t the weekend they were barking all day and night.

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