September 26, 2009


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Got back from my trip last Sunday.  Not really enjoying being back, but I guess you get that.  I’m wondering if there’s someway I can actually travel permanently.  I’d need some source of income, but give me a copule of months and I’ll see whether it’s doable.

Anyway, I thought I’d pay my sister and Gary a visit today, so I headed down to see them.  We ended up going to see Up.  That’s a great movie.  This may contain spoilers, so if you’re reading this and you’re one of those who hates spoilers or hints of spoilers, read on at your own risk!

We pick up the story of Carl, the main character when he is young.  Through picture, we follow the story of his life – the dreams he and his wife Ellie have through to the present.  Ellie made a book that had their lifelong dream in it – to move their house to Paradise falls in South America, then a page stating that there were more adventures to come – with blank pages following that.

After Ellie dies, with the dream of going to Paradise Falls unfilled, Carl decides to go – and floats away.

Carl is determined to get there.  To him the adventures along the way are just a distraction.  He is fixed on the goal of getting their house to Paradise Falls.  When he gets there, he sets his house up and sits back to read the book Ellie made.  Carl has never read past the page saying that there is more adventures to come.  As he turns the page, he finds Ellie has filled it in with stories of their life together.

With the dream of getting his house there fulfilled and the fact dawning on him that the fun with Ellie has been their journey together and arriving at the destination or final goal not that important, Carl decides to go and help Russell.  He leaves behind most of the contents of his house, including some precious memories of his time with Ellie.

This begins a new series of adventures for Carl.  He allows himself to have a new lease of life and to live again.

So what’s the moral of this?  It’s being bold enough to chase your dreams, but smart enough to realise that life isn’t about the destination.  It’s about the journey, the people you meet along the way, the unwelcome detours that bring fantastic experiences.  It’s chasing your dream with everything you’ve got, not sitting back wishing and wondering about what could have been.  And sometimes you have to leave behind the past to go forward into new adventures.

So… follow your dreams.  Die doing what you want to do, don’t die dreaming about what could have been.


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