October 10, 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeah

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I’m sure this isn’t a new phenomena, but I noticed it when I was in Asia a few weeks ago.  Conversation can be a little difficult over there, with me, and most other tourists, speaking virtually no Vietnamese/Lao/Thai, and the Asians limited english.  So when you are talking with somebody and the other party “gets” what you’re saying, I noticed that a single “yeah” wasn’t good enough!  To indicate that somebody understood what the other party said, a stream of “yeahs” would follow!  Most of the time it would be two or three “yeah’s” accompanied of course with excited gestures.  Because I hadn’t noticed it before, I assumed it was obviously just something we (tourists) did over there.  But on arriving home, I noticed it everywhere!  Probably because now my attention has been drawn to it, I’m listening for it too.

I’ve just been on a three day training course and I noticed the instructor was a fan of the “yeahs”!  He extended it though, so he’d be saying “yeah yeah yeah yeah”.

Perhaps it’s a return to the Biblical days when in ancient Hebrew if you wanted to say something really really important, you’d repeat it 3 times.  Hence when they say “Holy Holy Holy” in the Bible, they are really emphasising their point, it is extremely important.

So… yeah yeah yeah…  Have a listen for it!


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