April 29, 2012

Kinda like cooking…

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It’s kinda like cooking. Only different. You follow a recipe, you have to put the ingredients in, in a certain order. You have to put correct amounts in. You have to mix it correctly. You don’t want it too thick, or too runny. You don’t want to have it sit there too long before using it. Just like cooking, if you know what you’re doing, you can add a bit extra of this or a bit extra of that if you need to. And just like cooking, there’s a heap of cleaning up to do afterwards! Along with that, I also got a fresh revelation of the verse in Galatians 5:9. “A little leaven leavens the whole loaf”. I’m not a baker, I have no idea what the capability of leaven or yeast in a loaf of bread is. I’ve never made bread in my life. I just have to take the word of the Bible as truth and assume that you don’t actually need much yeast when you make a loaf of bread. So I’ll keep that in mind if I ever make some.

So what’s kinda like cooking only different? Well believe it or not, making concrete!

I finally did a bit more on my backyard, mainly motivated by the fact that every time it rains heavily, the water runs down the yard and starts eroding away the dirt underneath the shed slab. So I really need to do something about it. So Mum, Dad and I did a bit of concreting.

It’s not too hard, just throw in a bit of gravel, a bit of water, a bit of concrete, a bit more gravel, mix it up and bingo, you have concrete! How hard can it be? Well surprisingly, it wasn’t as hard as I expected! I had to adjust the number of shovel fulls needed to “girl” shovel fulls, but other than that, I went ok. Naturally enough just like when you’re making cakes, no two cakes are the same and no two loads of cement were the same, but that’s just a minor detail.

So what’s the relevance of a little leaven? As I’m standing there wondering how on earth this yellow gravel is going to come out grey, I loaded in the shovels of cement – a tiny amount compared to the gravel – and watched as the yellow gravel turned grey before my eyes. As Richie Benaud would say “Marvelous, simply Marvelous”.


Rosebud Kite Festival with “The Hoff”

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My brother in law Gary loves kites and between my sister Heather, and Gary they have a few sport kites (a sport kite is fairly maneuverable, controlled by two lines and flown with both hands). Earlier in the year, Heather, Gary and I headed off to the Rosebud Kite Festival. Who’d have thought that they’d have a festival of kites? But then why not, because they have festivals for everything!

Not really knowing what to expect, I figured why not go, because at the least I get to spend some time with them, plus I also get a trip to the beach! There were literally hundreds of kites there, in all shapes and sizes. The kids could make their own, there were demos, plenty of entertainment and of course plenty of trade sites.

We got there just in time to see the Roulette plane (I think it was the roulette) do some tricks – and yes, all the kites had to come in while he did his stuff! Took me a while to realise that a couple of the kites that I’d thought were flying too close to each other were part of a “stack” and the job of the lead (or highest kite) is to fly high and keep the huge kites off the ground! No wonder it took so long to get them in when the roulette was flying over!

After the action of the plane, “The Hoff” was about to make his appearance! For those of you who are a bit younger, you probably don’t remember a show called Baywatch, with David Hasslehoff (The Hoff). It was set on the beaches of California, and of course had the obligatory person needing rescuing every show. A few kites had broken their lines, but one was not far from shore and in the line of a few jet skis, so cue the baywatch music, a “Hoff” equivalent and a rescue was made! The kite was saved from drowning – and maybe we had a new “Hoff” in the making!

A tiger, blue whale and sting ray were a few of the more unusual, very cool kites on show. Those kites were absolutely huge, with heaps of lines anchoring them to a vehicle. No doubt they’d drag quite a few men away with them if they weren’t.

Anyway, here’s a few pics of the day!

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