April 26, 2011

Let sleeping dogs lie

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My brother has a couple of dogs. My sister has one dog. Now, I’m not a fan of dogs. I like my brothers dogs though, they’ll shut up when you tell them to and mostly I’ve found, (except when my brother is provoking them!) that they only bark when you’ve got visitors approaching the house. My sisters dog is not quite as good as my brothers, Tess will bark a whole lot more, she drives me mad. Used to drive me mad. Now there’s a whole new level of annoyance from dogs. I’ve been off work for a week and a half now, with about 2 and a half more to go. I’ve only spent about 4 of those days at my house. In that time, the neighbours dogs have managed to drive me almost to destruction. I have never even known dogs to bark as much as they do. The direct next door neighbour has 4 dogs and one of them has this low growling and will spend half the day and night doing that. The other morning, around about 3 or 4am, after it had been going for an hour or so non stop, the neighbour FINALLY belted on the window of their house and the stupid thing SHUT UP.
Then there’s a yapping little dog in the house after that. It will yap day and night. The kids occasionally yell at it to shut up, but don’t they get it? Obviously something is wrong if the dog is going to yap like that all day and most of the night. TAKE THE STUPID THING INSIDE. DO SOMETHING. IT’S DRIVING THE NEIGHBOURHOOD INSANE!!!!!!!
I don’t know how the old ladies next door, who are home all the time (they don’t get to escape to work like I do) handle it. Surely there is something we can do. Who can we call? Ghostbusters? I’m a pretty patient person, so when I start yelling at them, you know it’s bad.
I think I’d gladly look after my brothers dogs any time if it would shut these dogs up. I have a whole new appreciation for my brothers dogs now. Anyway, this morning I got so fed up, I turned on my music. Loud. Real Loud. Like, my stereo goes no louder loud. That set the dogs off even more. Oh they went troppo. Never mind, I am going out soon, leaving them with loud music. I’ll apologise to the old ladies next door later on.
I’ve thought of throwing the dogs some poison meat, (so that they can sleep for a long time), I’ve yelled at them. One idea of thought of was getting some mp3’s of dogs barking and playing that as loud as I can for 24hours! The lady next door got me to promise that I’d only do that if she was out though!
So if anybody knows what you can do about neighbouring dogs that don’t shut up, let me know or leave a comment!


April 23, 2011

The Flowers

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I’ve been staying at mum and dad’s for a week or so while I recovered from surgery. Dad was out in the vegie/flower garden one day when the lady next door popped her head over the fence and complimented him on his dahlias. She said they looked great and asked whether she could have one. Of course what else would he do but pick the best one and give it to her. She gratefully accepted the dahlia and then promptly fed it to her goat!

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