September 17, 2011

Ministry in Kampala

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I’m determined to finish off my series of posts from my Ugandan trip last year, so even though it’s now twelve months and about 3 or 4 weeks, I’ll get there eventually!

On my last post, I’d just got back from my Kenya/Tanzania safari. Mike had arranged a series of meetings for me to preach at this week, so each night from Tue-Fri I had a preaching engagement. Most of the nights were pretty good, I can’t actually remember what I preached about, but each night we had ministry afterwards, had one person accept Jesus at one meeting (preaching to the converted remember) and quite a few filled with the Holy Spirit. The power went out one night, which wouldn’t have mattered, except it was pretty dark inside the building… But that’s life in Uganda I guess. I missed out on going to one church though – the pastor on Tuesday night said oh, I had a message from the other guy down the road (I was going there Thursday). He had to cancel his meeting, his phone is broken, you can’t call him, so you can come here instead. When Mike finally caught up with the other guy and asked what happened, it turned out that we’d been lied to and he was at his church waiting for us to show. I felt pretty bad then for letting them down – nothing worse than when you have a guest speaker and they don’t come. I was a little suspicious of Adolf (I remember his name, it reminds me of Hitler) in the first place – I should have followed my instincts and tried to catch up with the second guy. I guess this is where you have to believe that something good comes out of it, and hopefully for the lady who accepted Jesus the night I was meant to be at the other place, it was a good outcome. I don’t think Mike has actually heard from Adolf since then either…

The downside to preaching night meetings in Kampala is that you’d generally have to either leave, or start getting ready to leave, around 4pm. Then by the time you got home, 8-9pm, had something to eat and went to bed, it ended up being lateish. So there wasn’t a lot of time during the day to do something, so apart from a couple of short trips into town, there wasn’t a whole lot of activity that week which allowed me to catch up on a few of my assignment questions that I had to do I guess.

Going to the meeting one night, we got stuck behind some political campaigners. Two words describe this: Loud, Obnoxious. They wouldn’t pull over to let anyone pass and they were going pretty slow. Yelling and screaming, music blaring, all in Ugandan, so most of it we didn’t understand. They’d throw political pamphlets from the truck, the kids would run out, so then you’d also have to slow down or stop for them, because they didn’t care if there was traffic or not, they wanted some, so they abandoned all road sense they had (which generally, is not much anyway). Unfortunately I’m not sure there’s a lot of point to campaigning unless you’re part of the party who’s already in power, because I’m not so sure the elections were all that democratic or fair anyway.


September 8, 2011


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Driving home today and saw some great wattle just near the White Hills cemetery. Stopped and grabbed some shots. Love the carpet effect!

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