January 10, 2008


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Earlier this week I received the email that every internet user dreads…

“You have exceed your download limit”…

Doh!  Now I’m back to dial up speed at home during peak hours for a week til it all resets.


January 1, 2008


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I’ve finally started to get some of my better photos posted up on the web. I’ll progressively add to them as I get to it, but at least I’ve got a few good shots up there at the moment!  I’ve added a few of my PNG photos, some of my New Zealand shots and eventually I’ll add a couple of the best from China, Borneo, Tasmania and some more local shots of the countryside.

Anyway, check out my flickr; site and some of the photos that I’ve taken recently!

New Year

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It’s a new year. Well, what can I say. Glad last year is over. Hopefully next year is better. I don’t understand why people think that everything magically fixes itself at the stroke of midnight on one particular night, but I guess that’s as much mental, or attitude, as anything else. But enough of that.

Caught up with a couple of friends tonight, including one that I hadn’t caught up with properly for quite a while – perhaps 3 or 4 years. But it was good to slip back into the old ways and spend the night laughing. We caught a movie first – PS I love You, then went out and had Chinese for tea. It was nice and quiet in the restaurant until we arrived! It didn’t take long before everyone knew we were there! Time flew and what was going to only be an hour or so turned into 3 or 4! It was a good night. Then I dropped in on a few friends later in the evening and we saw the new year in fairly quietly with a few party poppers and… well that was about all!

All the best for the new year.  Try and dream big and take some steps to see them come to pass.

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