August 2, 2010

Dusty Uganda

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I’m in Uganda, on a bit of a holiday and mission trip. First quick impressions…

It is dusty over here, plenty of poverty, some of the conditions the people live in are just amazing, it really shouldn’t happen, but it does. Roads over here are … ummm…. not really roads. Imagine your worst dirt track in Australia and they’re probably worse, shared with boda bodas (motorcycles), taxis, people, bicycles etc. Traffic is chaotic, it just goes everywhere, using headlights is optional. We took out a boda boda the other day, they all cut in so much, this guy cut in a little too much and lost his back mud guard. He wasn’t hurt and neither was our car, so Mike had a bit of a go at him. Missed getting that on camera, it was pretty funny seeing him yell at this african guy. I think we put 3 points on hitting a motor bike, but I’m not sure it’s a point tally that you want to win…

A young guy James and his brother Dennis took me on a tour of the village, and he’s been teaching me a little Ugandan, but I still am not so good at that – it is a good ice breaker and I get some good laughs when I attempt to say something in Ugandan… The village is fairly big so hopefully I will get another tour at some stage.

Preached in a small African church today, first time preaching in Africa, I got used to having to pause every few words to let the interpreter repeat what I was saying! Tonight I went to an outreach. Saw some young boys getting excited and dancing and listened to the horrible sound mix that I believe the Ugandans are known for. Ear piercing, over loud, poorly balanced sound – they have the equipment, I guess just not the technical know-how.

Ok, that’s all for now… Off to the Ssese Islands next week for a few days.


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