March 7, 2010

I have a guitar!

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“I have a guitar” is one of “those” sayings that gets pulled out whenever Heather and Gary come around to my place to visit. But none of us kind of have the spark to get the impromptu jam session happening (possibly not helped by the fact I’m still learning it and nobody else can play it…)
But the other day, I had a few friends over and just in passing one happened to mention that he played the guitar. So with three guitar players there and two guitars, what could we do but have an impromptu jam session! Ken and Mike, who both played guitar, are a little older than me, so they pulled out all the old songs. Some classics like Julie Julie do you love me, Neil Diamond, and well… ok they were before my time, so I’m struggling to remember what the rest were! Despite the fact that I didn’t really know the songs too well, Ken, who can belt out a pretty good tune, Mike and Lorraine kept me pretty well entertained through the night. We rocked along for quite a while, it was one of the best nights I’ve had for a long time.
But the strange guitar co-incidences don’t end there. I had another couple over for lunch today and found out that he could play the guitar too. So I loaned him my guitar and sat back and listened to guitar “Island style”. (He’s from the Solomons, hence the Island style!). So anyway, a couple of guitar discoveries that led to a couple of pretty good meals knocking out a few tunes! Rock on!


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