December 26, 2008

Christmas haul…

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.  In fact I just realised I started this blog in June 2007, 18 months ago, and I’ve really been pretty slack at posting.  Perhaps this coming year it will improve.

Anyway, thought I’d post a few thoughts on Christmas this year…

Presents:  Here is my Christmas haul for this year: a full length mirror, snack maker (toasted sandwhiches), ipod dock/alarm clock (very nice…), letter box, tweezers, cushions (hand made by mum), cake skewer (hand made by Dad), ice cream/soda glasses, soup/spag bol bowls, long handled spoons for the soda glasses, spaghetti forks, wash bag for delicates, two vases, tea towel thingy, rubber gloves, socks, holden calendar that features Dad’s FJ, sauce bottle, serving spoon, egg flipper, hand made rolling pin and a spoon stand (stand/rest your spoons on it when you’re cooking).  I did pretty well.

Inventive present wrapping: Steve and I decided Gary (heather’s boyfriend) needed a bit of a twist to his present.  We wrapped about 38 different presents (mainly chocolate bars).  Each present had a letter attached to it, then was placed in a big box, stuffed with newspaper.  He had to find the presnets, then arrange the presents to make a phrase before he could get the best present – and unwrap the others.  Took him a while, but eventually he spelt out the phrase “Don’t you know chocolate is bad for you” and was able to open his 30-something presents.

Boxing day entertainment: Squash.  Steve, Gary and I played a bit of squash.  I got absolutely creamed, but at least put up a bit of a fight against Gary.  It wasn’t until Steve played left handed that I actually managed to take some points off him and put up a bit of a challenge.  He is good at everything, if you know my brother, you realise that statement is very, very true!

Anyway, was a good couple of days!


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