April 10, 2010

Blind Side

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Thought I’d review Blind Side, even though I saw it a few weeks ago – so I may have forgotten the names of some of the characters!

The basic outline of the story is that Leigh Anne Tuohy and her husband Sean take in a homeless kid from the other side of the city. Michael Oher was 17, had been in and out of foster homes and was now basically on the scrap heap. So they took him in and looked after him, helped him, broke through his barriers, helped him get an education and made him part of the family.

Anyway, the twist was… something happened and somebody said to him that they only did it because he could play football – which wasn’t true because they didn’t even know he could play – they did it just to help him.

So Michael went back to his old hunting ground looking for his real mum – who of course is long gone – was into drugs, didn’t even know who Michael’s father was. Leigh Anne went looking for him and was threatened by the guys hanging around the area – bad side of town in the US – you would’ve seen a similar situation on most movie set. That’s when Leigh Anne says “If you so much as set foot downtown, you will be sorry. I’m in a prayer group with the D.A., I’m a member of the NRA and I’m always packing”.

Thought it was cool that she mentioned the prayer group first – she could’ve just said she knew the D.A., but instead mentioned that she was in a prayer group. If only christians realised the power of prayer. It’s more powerful than being in the NRA! We pray from a position of power and authority (Eph 1:17-23), can come boldly to the throne of grace and have all of heaven on our side!

Blind Side! Worth having a look if you’re looking for something to watch.


September 26, 2009


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Got back from my trip last Sunday.  Not really enjoying being back, but I guess you get that.  I’m wondering if there’s someway I can actually travel permanently.  I’d need some source of income, but give me a copule of months and I’ll see whether it’s doable.

Anyway, I thought I’d pay my sister and Gary a visit today, so I headed down to see them.  We ended up going to see Up.  That’s a great movie.  This may contain spoilers, so if you’re reading this and you’re one of those who hates spoilers or hints of spoilers, read on at your own risk!

We pick up the story of Carl, the main character when he is young.  Through picture, we follow the story of his life – the dreams he and his wife Ellie have through to the present.  Ellie made a book that had their lifelong dream in it – to move their house to Paradise falls in South America, then a page stating that there were more adventures to come – with blank pages following that.

After Ellie dies, with the dream of going to Paradise Falls unfilled, Carl decides to go – and floats away.

Carl is determined to get there.  To him the adventures along the way are just a distraction.  He is fixed on the goal of getting their house to Paradise Falls.  When he gets there, he sets his house up and sits back to read the book Ellie made.  Carl has never read past the page saying that there is more adventures to come.  As he turns the page, he finds Ellie has filled it in with stories of their life together.

With the dream of getting his house there fulfilled and the fact dawning on him that the fun with Ellie has been their journey together and arriving at the destination or final goal not that important, Carl decides to go and help Russell.  He leaves behind most of the contents of his house, including some precious memories of his time with Ellie.

This begins a new series of adventures for Carl.  He allows himself to have a new lease of life and to live again.

So what’s the moral of this?  It’s being bold enough to chase your dreams, but smart enough to realise that life isn’t about the destination.  It’s about the journey, the people you meet along the way, the unwelcome detours that bring fantastic experiences.  It’s chasing your dream with everything you’ve got, not sitting back wishing and wondering about what could have been.  And sometimes you have to leave behind the past to go forward into new adventures.

So… follow your dreams.  Die doing what you want to do, don’t die dreaming about what could have been.

August 9, 2007

Amazing Grace

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Took the youth to see Amazing Grace the other day. It was good. It goes for about 2 hours though – nearly got a bit slow in the center bit. It just shows what God can do through one person who is passionate about something and won’t give up doing what he’s called to do – even when it all looks like its never going to happen. I thought it was good how they showed that you don’t have to be a “preacher/pastor” to do God’s work, God uses people in everyday jobs, whatever it is. It’s not either/or, they both go together.

Here are a couple of quotes that I liked:
You only feel the thorns when you stop running. (Set in the context of William Wilberforce almost giving up on abolishing the slave trade and found all these problems that started bothering him).

Sometimes God isn’t in the lightning bolt or the storm, He’s in the gentle drizzle.

June 23, 2007

Romulus, my father

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Just went and saw Romulus, My Father. Interesting movie. Not sure that I enjoyed it all that much. I thought it went a bit long and there were a few scenes they could’ve done without. But still, at least I got to see my dad’s FJ in the movie, so that was pretty cool. I’d still like those 2 hours back though…

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