December 9, 2007

Just enough light

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Just enough light for the step I’m on – Trusting God in the Tough Times, by Stormie Omartian.

I bought this book for somebody else, but of course I had to see whether the book was ok before I gave it to them! So I’ve read most of it and found it quite enjoyable actually, especially where I am at the moment.

I particularly enjoyed the chapters about the call of God, when we’re overwhelmed and the waiting bit. We need to be expecting God to call and waiting for His call so that we’re ready to answer. Here’s a few good quotes from the book:

“Every day you have another opportunity to affect your future with the words you speak to God. Each prayer sets something in motion.”

“Going through a waiting period doesn’t mean there is nothing happening, because when you are waiting on the Lord, He is always moving in your life.”

“When the circumstances are so overwhelming look to God and see His awesome power.”

“We are walking in the spirit when we use God’s word to guide us. We are walking in the Spirit when we ask God daily for direction, guidance and revelation. We are walking in the Spirit when we commit every aspect of our life – relationships, work, decisions, thoughts and actions to prayer instead of leaving it all to chance. We are walking in the Spirit when we determine each morning to worship God and set our mind on the things He has called us to, not on the things that have happened in the past.”

“If life as you have known it and the path that you have walked seem to be ending, draw especially close to God ad He will reveal what your next step is to be.”

If we’ve committed the situation to God in prayer and we step out, we have to trust that He is right there guiding us, even if it doesn’t look like it. We have to trust that what we’re doing will turn out right because we’ve surrendered it to God. We have to trust that as we give Him our plans, dreams and desires that if they’re meant to be, they’ll come to pass, in His timing and the way He plans. As I struggle with a few of the decisions that I’m making at the moment, I have to trust that the way I’m stepping is the correct way because I’ve committed it to prayer. What will happen, I don’t know. But the way it will happen will be through nothing I do.

As I surrender to God, I’m going to let Him sweep me where I need to go. I just have to trust that where I land will be where He wants me. In the meantime, as it looks like everything goes backwards and will never happen, I have to be patient and enjoy the waiting time and let God cultivate His dreams and desires in me.

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