May 16, 2010

Love Match

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Did you know all of us are looking for something? I’ve got that something!
Have you ever wanted to know how to have a love match? Today I’m here to share with you about how you can have a love match.

Have I got your attention? I sure got the attention of those I was giving the talk to at my public speaking course the other day!

So backing up a bit, I got the opportunity to do a public speaking course run by Tania Tytherleigh the other week for work. So I just thought I’d write down a few of the things that I learnt and what better place than my blog!

Some things to consider:
If I was the perfect public speaker, what would I be like?

  1. How would I sound?
  2. How would I look
  3. How would I feel
  4. How would others see me

Answering those questions helps you to see yourself presenting well.

So what makes a good public speaker? Here all of us pooled our ideas and came up with this non exhaustive list: Entertaining and informative, captivating, confident, passionate, strong confident voice, body language, eye contact, enthusiastic, knowing and engaging your audience, being organised and prepared.

We talked a bit about how to stand when presenting – even though it’s best not to present the whole talk standing in the one place! Walk confidently to the lectern, pulpit, or whatever it is you’re presenting from! Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and don’t fidget! Don’t throw your head too far back – you can’t talk properly! Be aware of what you’re doing so you can fix it if necessary.

The most beneficial thing for me though, was how to introduce, or begin your presentation. Here’s a few suggestions:
1. Use the charisma pattern. We all learn in different ways, by Kinasethetic (feeling), Auditory (sound, hearing/talking) and Visual. So you’d say something like this:- It’s a great pleasure (feeling word) to be here today to tell/share (auditory) with you about how you can have a love match and show/demonstrate how this will benefit you.
2. Interesting stat or fact, which may even shock them. Did you know 97% of my church is over 35?
3. Humour them
4. WIIFT – What’s in it for them. Start by telling them what will be in it for them if they listen to you.

Here’s some other helpful hints we cover through the day.
Questions asked while presenting: Repeat them back, tell them that’s a good question, take your time, ask them to answer it, give them an answer, check that you answered it.
Dealing with disruptive people: Point out the disruption in a positive way, ask them to stop it, go over near them when you’re talking to them, talk to them directly.
Assume when you’re standing there that people think you know what you’re talking about.
You may think you’re confident, but how do others see you? Ask them afterwards!
Engage your audience. Rapport, Language, Involvement, Energy and Passion. Establish a common ground/background, get their involvement, learn their names, use humour and your voice. Every 7 minutes, get people to do something different.
Have a good attitude and know your topic.

So there you go. There’s some tips. You may or may not get something out of it, but hopefully I will be a better public speaker because of it.

To answer your question – how can YOU have a love match? Well, you could meet Jesus, the one who loves us unconditionally, or you could have a game of tennis!


You know it’s time…

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You know it’s time to run the dishwasher when you have no plates left and backup plans A, B, C and D have been used!

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