November 14, 2011

Evening at Notley’s

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After tennis on Saturday, I headed out to Notley’s Reserve in the Whipstick with my camera to take a few photos. Notley’s reserve is where we’d spend every picnic day holiday (for the younger ones, picnic day holiday is what it was before it was the Melbourne Cup holiday) at the church picnic. We’d have yabbing in the morning, then a lunch to share and then gather for the afternoon races – it was always a good day. Thanks to Neil and his bright idea (take some left over sandwiches from tennis arvo tea for tea), I was able to relive the Sunday School Picnic. Ok, I was minus about 100 other people and I didn’t do any running or yabbying, but hey, can’t have everything 🙂

I was mainly experimenting with the different lens and settings, but got some good shots. Was taking some photos of the magpie chicks near the car, and had zoomed in a fair way when one started running toward me. Thought he was going to attack me but life through a lens can be deceptive and he was really not that close at all! You can’t actually see it in the smaller shots, but in the magpie chick photos when he’s got his mouth open getting fed, you can see the detail of the tongue inside the mouth. I was surprised at how well the kangaroo shots turned out given that it was fairly dark – they still aren’t stunning, but they’re pretty reasonable given the lack of natural light. Just have to figure out how to turn off the noise the camera makes, because stalking a male kangaroo with this noise going off as you take some photos is a little annoying. Animals are pretty amazing I must say. Just take a look at how powerful the kangaroos are. You certainly wouldn’t want to get into a scrap with them.

Anyway, it was a nice evening and good to get out into the bush for a bit of time away.


November 4, 2011

Fish and Chips!

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Ok, just cooked the best fish I think I’ve done in a long time! The redfin was mouthwatering, tasted sooooo good, a bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice over it, with a serve of home made chips, battered pineapple and some snow peas. Soooo good!

Freshly caught red fin and home made chips

A special thanks to Phil who caught and filleted the fish!

And for the record – how I cooked it:
Chips – potatoes cut into strips, lightly tossed in some mixed herbs, cooked in the oven for a while
Fish – dusted in seasoned flour (basil, oregano and some curry), then pan fried for a few minutes each side (recipe from here)
Pineapple – dusted in the same flour then pan fried as well! (I overcooked that a bit on one piece, but never mind).

Great meal!

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