November 4, 2011

Fish and Chips!

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Ok, just cooked the best fish I think I’ve done in a long time! The redfin was mouthwatering, tasted sooooo good, a bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice over it, with a serve of home made chips, battered pineapple and some snow peas. Soooo good!

Freshly caught red fin and home made chips

A special thanks to Phil who caught and filleted the fish!

And for the record – how I cooked it:
Chips – potatoes cut into strips, lightly tossed in some mixed herbs, cooked in the oven for a while
Fish – dusted in seasoned flour (basil, oregano and some curry), then pan fried for a few minutes each side (recipe from here)
Pineapple – dusted in the same flour then pan fried as well! (I overcooked that a bit on one piece, but never mind).

Great meal!


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