August 31, 2012

Trans Siberian Stations

My Dad enjoys trains, so when we were young, wherever we went on holidays, somehow we ended up travelling on a local tourist steam railway. I guess that interest is still there a bit, so while I was on the Trans Siberian, living on a train for 90 hours, I seemed to manage to get plenty of photos of trains and the stations that we stopped at.

Coming into Omsk Russia

While we travelled from Moscow to Irkutsk, we learnt to expect to see an old steam engine at most stations the further east we went. Of course I didn’t really get much time to check them out, but a photo is worth a thousand words apparently, so that will have to do. And the railway yards were so big! I guess there’s plenty of trains, they need big yards.

Steam engine, Barabinsk Russia

The level crossings were also quite interesting. The really do MAKE you stop. Perhaps it’s something we should look at over here seeing as we have so many people who don’t stop at them.

They MAKE you stop!

So, from the railway workers, to the tracks, to the yards, I’ve got plenty of photos of each, so here’s a few…


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