April 2, 2018

Nepal Day 14-15 Home

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Good news! Today I got a refund of about 1000 Nepalese rupee, around 12 AUD for some of the activities I didn’t do at Chitwan. Downside was it was a token only, not nearly enough for what I missed, and they were useless outside of Nepal, so I had to spend it before I left.
I selected a book, the quickest book selection I have ever done, Nepal 1953, a story about what happened behind the scenes when the assault on Mt Everest was made. It was really interesting and clearly portrayed how much of a team effort it really was, even though Hillary and Tenzing were the only ones who made it to the top, and the only ones who are really known or remembered. It also described a lot of the gear the team used, some of which I saw when I visited Darjeeling last year and saw the himalayan mountain institute.

Kathmandu Valley

Kathmandu Valley

After the rush to spend the last of my local currency, which I succeeded in doing, I just got back in time to check out and catch the car to the airport.
Kathmandu airport is like most other smaller airports. People everywhere, long queues, gate waiting areas that aren’t really big enough any more. While I wad at the airport I saw a could who were on my tour. They’d gone to pokhara after the tour, instead of chitwan and had chosen to fly instead of catch the bus. They had spent the entire day they were meant to fly out sitting at the airport waiting for their flight to leave, which never happened. Suddenly a 14hr bus ride didn’t seem so bad because at least I’d made it without a days delay – it was only about a 6hr delay!
From Nepal to Delhi, Delhi to Dubai on jet airways, an Indian airliner. The Indians and probably Nepalese are on their phones, speaking as loudly as they can, right until the moment the plane starts lifting off and resuming as soon as the wheels touch the tarmac. If there’s ever a reason why they should never allow in flight calls, there’s enough right there. Rude, obnoxious, irritating, very annoying and making the first time traveller next to me very nervous!
At dubai, I had to change terminals via a bus, change gates via a train and could finally check in for my qantas flight home and ask for my bag to be diverted (changing airlines). Because that took so long, I was very doubtful it would make it, but if any airport could do it, it would be Dubai.

Arriving Dubai

Arriving Dubai

On boarding the A380 I walked right past my seat row as I figured there’d be no way I could be in seats that nice. I just kept heading towards the back. Slightly embarrassing when I had to walk back past everyone to get back to my row!
So my section of the plane was maybe 20% full, meaning I had 3 seats to stretch out on. How good is that! Everyone’s dream on a long haul flight is to have enough room to stretch out, sleep and just spread out generally without having to fight for the arm rests or step over people to go for a walk or toilet break.
Strangely they left the lights off for 80% of the Australian time daytime flight, so I didnt get a lot of my book read. But I caught up on other stuff, so it was all good. Oddly they only served one snack and one meal for the entire 13hr flight. That one meal was really good though and worth waiting for! Melt in your mouth beef stew with mashed potato just like your mother or grandmother used to make! They did have a steady stream of snacks flowing though – chips, cheese, biscuits, bananas…

It could have been a good sunrise...

It could have been a good sunrise…

Got in to Melbourne 25 mins early, but no bag, (no surprise there, it took til Tuesday to arrive, I got home Saturday) and through customs. And just like that my 5 week Ugandan/Nepalese adventure that took my across the world to two different continents was all over. Til next time.


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