March 31, 2018

Nepal day 13 – to Kathmandu

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Left Chitwan today after a quick look around the wetland areas of the Maruni Safari resort I was staying at, hoping that I would see some animals, birds, anything… nope the nearest I got was to hear the birds and I think a red wild dog as it ran off. The sun began to poke through the trees which was good. Oh well, I’m sure that chitwan really is an animal spotters paradise I just didn’t experience that. Or perhaps I’m spoilt from all the African safaris I’ve done.

Sunrise at Maruni Lodge, Chitwan

Sunrise at Maruni Lodge, Chitwan

As soon as I got to the bus at 7.30, we were on the way. Thankfully passed the roadworks reasonably early so we wouldn’t be spending 6hrs on the side of the road. Closer to kathmandu we stopped at the highway break point which offered some great views of the surrounding area. As we continued and entered the kathmandu valley, the traffic began to slow and build up and you could often look back down the hill to see the winding road snaking up the hill, choked with traffic, predominantly the colourful trucks. There were nice clear skies around Kathmandu, indicating that it probably rained fairly heavily overnight. It was great to see the city from above bathed in sunlight.

Looking over the Kathmandu Valley

Looking over the Kathmandu Valley

Strangely, many of the Nepalese hold on in the bus, gripping the handle in front of them as tightly as possible. Ok the road is bad, narrow, bumpy and dangerous in parts, but I didn’t think it was that bad… I noticed though that they seated all the foreigners on the side away from the road’s edge – I suspect that was intentional, as my ticket had a seat on the other side.
Around 3.30 the bus pulls up. The driver’s helper yells something in Nepalese and very slowly most people start getting off. Apart from the Nepalese, the rest of us have no idea where we are, because it’s certainly not back at the tourist bus stop where you’re meant to finish. Anyway, this was clearly the end of the road for this bus, and having no idea where I was, I took the easy way out and grabbed a taxi back to the hotel. At least the bus journey was much quicker this time, a respectable 8hrs for 158km instead of 14hrs. That’s an average of nearly 20kmh an hour instead of 11!!

Hand built retaining wall, roadworks, near Chitwan

Hand built retaining wall, roadworks, near Chitwan

Tonight was pizza at the restaurant next door to the Kathmandu Guest House, overlooking the hustle and bustle of a Thamel street, and pretty much my final Nepalese meal, as tomorrow I was departing.

A maze of wire, Thamel, Kathmandu

A maze of wire, Thamel, Kathmandu


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