January 7, 2017

India Day 11 – Delhi 11/10/16

Late check out from the hotel let me take advantage of the gym and the pool. Sachin, the waiter who looked after us for most of our meals at the hotel gave us a cake and milk shake as a last day farewell. It was nice, but not what you’d normally have for breakfast! Took some breakfast again for lunch, worked quite well.

If you need to call a taxi from the Gurgaon Hilton hotel (and don’t want to use their private cars), they will do it for you – you just have to insist a few times (ask for a public taxi). It took us a while, but eventually we got a taxi to Hotel Perfect, the tour starting hotel, then tried to look at a few of the tourist attractions in Delhi. Art Gallery: closed. Observatory: closed. Fort: closed. It’s a public holiday here today. So there’s people everywhere, roads are packed (or maybe that’s normal), fireworks going off, loud celebrations for the hindi celebrations, and oh, did I mention people everywhere.

Celebrations, outside our hotel, Delhi

Celebrations, outside our hotel, Delhi

Good thing was though they’d closed off the road around India Gate so we got to look at that a little closer and enjoy the atmosphere of a public holiday. Although why they’d choose to paint road lines when there are people everywhere is a mystery… guess it’s better than cars.

Painting the lines, India Gate, Delhi

Painting the lines, India Gate, Delhi

India Gate, inaugurated in 1931, used to be known as War Memorial Arch – because it is a war memorial. It commemorates Indian WW1 soldiers and Indian and British soldiers who died on the North West frontier. Under the arch is another memorial, the Amar Jawan Jyoti, which was erected to remember all fallen Indian soldiers. I’m not sure whether soldiers guard it all year round or not, but they were out in force today.

Solider, India Gate, Delhi

Solider, India Gate, Delhi

Then to Humayun’s tomb complex for a walk around. You need a couple of hours to visit this, just because there’s quite a lot to see. I thought Isa Khan’s garden tomb, which is off to the right as you come in the main entrance was perhaps the highlight. There wasn’t as many people there which probably helped and you were able to enjoy looking around a bit more. Isa Khan’s tomb is actually older than Humayun’s tomb and is an octagonal enclosed tomb complex with walls and mosque still intact. A lot of work has been done restoring it. Surrounding this tomb is a 3-4m high stone wall which you can walk on, although that hasn’t been restored to the same standard as the rest of the tomb yet.

Isa Khan’s Garden Tomb, Delhi

Isa Khan’s Garden Tomb, Delhi

The actual tomb of Humayun has been and is continuing to be, restored to original condition. It’s actually one of the closest buildings to the Taj Mahal in terms of style and has some great gardens surrounding the area. The birds at the tomb were enjoying the water, but the smell was something you can’t take a picture of!

Drove past the parliament house on the way back, which was a reasonably impressive building.

Parliament House, Delhi

Parliament House, Delhi

Met our tour group tonight for our Intrepid India Getaway Tour, 16 in it which is really too many, went for a meal and now back at the hotel listening to fireworks.


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