January 6, 2017

India Day 10 – Gurgaon 10/10/16

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If you’re looking for something exciting today, well, skip along to another day.
Headed to the terrace of the hotel (the 5 star one we’re staying at – trust me we got a good deal, otherwise I wouldn’t be staying here) where I enjoyed the views, the lounges and the cool breeze. Oh and free Internet.
Again got some breakfast packed up which I had for lunch.

Later in the day I went for a walk around Baani Square, which took all of 5 minutes, stretched out a bit longer as I looked through a couple of supermarkets looking for odd things for sale: toy guns, famous five and secret seven books by Enid Blyton, star wars books and then the usual supermarket stuff. There does look to be a couple of nice restaurants there though, but I just didn’t get to eat there.

Nearby was a cloud nine fertility and maternity clinic and out the front was a car decorated with blue balloons. I guess they were having a boy.

It's a boy!

It’s a boy!

Enjoyed the gym, more free WiFi and ate at the hotel restaurant. The gym has a nice view of the surrounding area, which is primarily houses. There are a lot of gated communities. The houses remind me a little of the English houses that are joined to each other, although the English ones just look a lot more charming and inviting. No backyard, but they do get a roof top to enjoy. Not sure I’d want to go get the ball though if I accidentally kicked or hit it a little too far. There’s also still a few blocks of land undeveloped and someone was running his herd of ox down the street onto one of them to graze. Such a contrast to the modern concrete office buildings in the area.


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