January 5, 2017

India Day 9 – Church 9/10/16

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Went to church today in central Delhi area around the Embassies. It was an AOG church and they have two English services. I always enjoy going to churches in another country just to see how they do things, what songs they sing and how the service runs. It was a good service and I knew some of the songs, which kinda isn’t surprising really. We met a couple there who started a safe place for those wanting to get out of the prostitution industry. That was an interesting story – they’d seen a need and done something about it. So often we wait til the “time is right”, or until we feel “called”, but these guys just got in and did something about it.

After church we went for lunch with a few people, where we had pizza – of course. But don’t worry, it was healthy, it had corn on it! They put us in a taxi and sent us to our hotel. Except it was the wrong hotel, so when we arrived there, we needed to get the hotel staff to help send us to the right one, which was much further away.

Didn’t do much when we got back to the hotel. Ate our tea, which was a few things from the breakfast bar we got them to package up. For the record there, our waiter suggested it, then offered to pack it for us as lunch! We don’t normally run away with extra food from the breakfast bar! For dessert we had the left over chocolate cake from the other day, which I’d carted all the way from Siliguri, via my checked in baggage. Apparently the Indian airlines don’t always let you take food in your carry on, so in order to make sure it came all the way, I checked it in. Thankfully it had been packed up really well & it came out remarkably well.


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