January 4, 2017

India Day 8 – Siliguri to Delhi 8/10/16

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Travel day today. Had a final breakfast with the leaders at the missions school. Left with a package of left over cake from the night before (well packed), then caught a taxi to the airport with a couple coming to see us off (just to make sure we left!). The crowds came out to wave us goodbye as we drove to the airport and we also had the marching band.

The Marching Band, Siliguri

The Marching Band, Siliguri

They’d started erecting great big temporary structures in our honour, but they must have got our departure date a little mixed up as they weren’t quite ready yet… Ok, no idea what the band was for and the temporary structures were for Diwali in a week or so. Unfortunately the temporary structures often end up in the river as part of an offering to the hindu gods, you’d have to think that can’t be good for the life of the river.

Temporary thing for Diwali

Temporary thing for Diwali

We had lunch in the airport, then boarded the plane. I was hoping to get a window seat so I could see what the area looked like, but instead I got an exit row, as I did on the way to Siliguri. Where are the exit rows when you really need them? Arrived in New Delhi to what seemed like a very cool 33 degrees. With no humidity, it really did seem cool! By the way, if you’re travelling on Air India – the food is nice, but it’s hot! If you’re not a hot food fan, you may struggle.

Caught a taxi to the Hilton Garden Inn at Gurgaon to begin a few days of 5 star adventures (or lounging round). Very nice hotel, but somehow ended up having a cold shower, I did expect more at a 5 star place. I must have done something wrong!

Had tea in the hotel, got free entrée and dessert which was a nice touch. So was the fast free internet!

It was good to reflect on my time at the school and even though it was short, I had heaps of fun – I got to do what I really enjoy – and hopefully made an impact on the students. More importantly, hopefully they learnt something! Pictures – they’re good. Even if you can’t draw, it helps present the message in another way, which is all important when nobody speaks your language. In fact some didn’t even speak the language of the interpreter, it was their second language. That’s pretty cool.

Breakfast - it was a spread each day

Breakfast – it was a spread each day


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