December 31, 2016

India – The Next 3 Days

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The next 3 days were all spent teaching at the school. The timetable is pretty tough, the students don’t get a lot of free time, as it is all very structured. I’d spend a few hours in the morning teaching and in the afternoon the girls were with Heather doing their sewing. Heather had been there for about 3 weeks before I got there, she’d done an amazing job with the girls in that time. While I was there I was talking about tithing, offerings and giving – topics I quite enjoy, so that was fun.

On the first day I had 2 sessions, which I thought were 1 hour each. An hour had ticked passed and I said quietly to my interpreter “isn’t it break time, aren’t we meant to finish now” to which he responded, while looking at me strangely, no we have an hour and a half – followed worryingly by the question “is that going to be ok?”. It was kinda funny, but you learn to work with those things when you’re in a different country!

Tuesday arvo I was given an “ask anything” question session to lead. All the local leaders deserted me and I was left wondering what I’d got myself into. It turned out to be not too bad, I can imagine if something like that was held here in Aus, the questions would be rather different!

Most evenings we were in bed early. The hot humid weather made it pretty easy to go to bed early and with a fan in the room and the breeze coming in, it was as good a place as any to be.

Wednesday I took the chapel service and talked a little bit about Uganda and what’s happening there and encouraged the students with Dan 11:32. Had heaps of fun preaching at the chapel service, especially as I managed to do it all with pretty much no notes.

From the roof of the girls building, you can see the mountains. The mountains are sort of the foothills to the Himalayas in Nepal. It’s a nice setting.


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