February 21, 2016

Fiji Day 14, Heading home

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27/11/15 – Suva, Fiji to Melbourne

Last day today. Up early and packed up stuff to go. Below you’ll see a couple of us sitting around in the lounge just before we left.

Had a last breakfast with some paw paw. The others had been eating it & loving it the whole time, thought I’d better give it a try again. Wasn’t too bad, was much better than at Savu Savu. Ritchie & Boila took us into the bus station & we got our tickets on the Sunbeam Bus. Because we were a little later, the bus was pretty much full, so we had to take seats wherever we could get them. I ended up jammed, literally, between a large lady & rugby player. I couldn’t even breathe properly. At least it was air conditioned and even had a dvd playing of the Mentalist. I moved seats when a few got off only to end up with 1/3 of a seat again when a large Indian lady & her daughter climbed into the middle seat. Least I had the aisle to spill into. Buses here have a 2-3 seat combination, so the seats are already smaller than normal with a smaller aisle. Normally it is inevitable that you will sleep on the bus, but even I failed this time, I was concentrating on breathing, give me a break…

Had some lunch at Raffles Hotel, was planning on a swim, but ran out of time. Back to the airport, check in and successfully spent all our Fijian money. Another challenge accomplished on this trip!

Good flight home. Really good trip. Loved the food, the weather, the swimming, the company (turns out Maree, who I’d never met went to the same primary school as me) and the good mix of work and rest. I do enjoy preaching and teaching in overseas locations, so if I could do more of that on OS trips, that would be great. Now that I am back at work, holidays all finished, I will miss the ability to eat whenever I want and the ability to sleep whenever I want. I do try and maintain some good regular habits at home, which includes not eating or sleeping whenever I feel like!


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  1. Have you heard from FIJI how they went in the cyclone hope none of the graduates you visited were affected too much suppose you will be going over to help rebuild

    Comment by — February 25, 2016 @ 4:37 pm | Reply

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