February 20, 2016

Fiji Day 13, Suva

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26/11/15 – Suva, Fiji
7 down, 0 to go! All graduated, all speeches given, all gifts given, all hands shaken, all feasts attended, all done! And here’s Ritchie below giving his last introduction.

Last graduation today and it all went well, once it started. There were 4 kids running late and we had no power, so it didn’t start till 11. I had a bit of a sleep while we waited much to the amusement of others! It was the biggest, with about 65 kids graduating and about 300 fed at the reception afterwards. Did much better with the speech, hopefully it was ok. We sat at the feast in a table at the front of the preschool, the kids were fed McDonalds and then dessert was a mango trifle type thing. There was so much food on our table, plenty of fish, pineapple, watermelon, pawpaw,

Came back and sat around until we went to a ladies thing, played the chocolate game, Heather shared (did very well) and then of course we ate. Finished with pineapple and ice cream.

Said goodbye to the ladies and that was the end. Tomorrow we head home.


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