February 18, 2016

Fiji Day 11, Suva

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24/11/15 – Suva, Fiji

6 down, 1 to go.

This ceremony was different again, the building very small and it gets flooded regularly. Parents seated on the floor, mainly Indian, many don’t bother to pay their school fees, which are set at a hefty $20 per term. Even in Fiji dollars, that’s not much.

The little guy in the frangipani garland in the photo wants to be a pastor. Hope he carries that dream and turns it into reality. We need more willing to serve God.

When I’ve done my speech, I’ve always stopped and asked the kids some questions, in an effort not to bore them and keep them involved, but also because I wanted their input. Today I was asking them a few questions, the usual what had you learnt – which you didn’t get an answer to, you needed to be specific. So something along the lines of: Have you learnt your alphabet? Yes they yelled enthusiastically. Have you learnt to count? Yes. Have you learnt your colours? Yes. Seasons? Yes. Have you made friends? Yes. Each question was answered each time with more effort and noise than before. Have you been nice to your friends? Yes. Are you nice all the time? Yes. Do you fight with your brothers and sisters? Yes they yelled back enthusiastically, at which time everyone else, including me broke into laughter. I think the kids were wondering why we were laughing, they’d just got so much into the swing of yelling yes that they hadn’t even heard the question! That remains one of the highlights of when I was doing the speeches.

Another feast, followed by ice cream. I haven’t mentioned, but in Fiji, primarily the locals eat with their hands. When we’ve been eating, we’ve been given knives, forks and spoons, which is a real privilege. Nothing changes though when they get to the ice cream. The kids scoop it out with their hand, making for a delightful mess that somebody has to clean up!

Home about 1, then cleaned out my bag from the mouse visit. It found my Muesli bar, unopened, in a plastic bag, in my other bag and had a pretty good go at it. Right next to my head and I heard nothing, the others were woken by it. Judi and I helped with laminating the certificates, then went for a walk to the nearby shops. Spent ages looking through Rups, pronounced Roops, a Target type reject shop and the supermarket. Amazing what can keep you entertained. Back home in time to eat again. I asked Alipate and Boila if we could have a prayer meeting and that was tonight. Was good. Another cold shower, then bed, just 2 more of them to go.


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