February 17, 2016

Fiji Day 10, Sigatoka

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23/11/15 – Sigatoka, Fiji

Off to the sigatoka graduation, about 2.5hrs from Suva, back toward Nadi. Meant to leave at 6:00am, but it was nearly 6:40 when we got going. That’s not Fiji time, that was the others (Fijians) not being ready! Ritchie drove a little faster to make up time & must’ve caught the only speed camera on the road… Just two minutes after we suggested perhaps he slow down. Funny really. The little van we were in managed to catch every single bump, it was like being towed on a ski biscuit. Nevermind, despite the bumpy road in places, it was indeed inevitable that you will sleep on the bus. Both ways.

Graduation was different again, the kids didn’t do as much and I was a little out of practice on my speech! I’d had a couple of days off… Again we’re our own worst critics. Funny how we can do the same speech and it will come out totally different every time. The graduation lacked a little of the ceremony that the others had. There was one little kid sitting up the back who was a little mischievous and would pull or tap the kid in front of him. He would stop when either the kid he was annoying reacted, or the teacher noticed, but then be back at it again as soon as she looked away. He kept it up for most of the ceremony which was pretty funny to watch.

They had a really cool playground there, which of course would be illegal in Australia as you might hurt yourself. A seesaw, some swings and slides and a heap of tyres half buried in the ground so that you could walk on them, jump on them etc. You used to see that when I was a kid, but now they’ve been replaced by generic professional playgrounds which don’t look anywhere near as much fun.

Plenty of food again, some of the ladies had been up until 7am preparing the food – they went home then and were back by 10am for the ceremony. This is the significance of the event, the effort that so many of the families go to, the value they place on graduating from preschool. It is a big deal over there.

Off to the nearby beach and had a swim. Did some water aerobics and running in an attempt to work off the consumed food. Quite nice at the beach and the water is much saltier than Australia. The water is also warm, it’s warm when you get out and even if it’s raining, it’s still warm! Gotta love the weather. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this done elsewhere, but something the young boys were doing was getting wet, rolling in the sand so they were totally covered in sand, then jumping back in the water. Perhaps it’s some kind of beauty regime that keeps you looking young… I should’ve tried it.

Drove back again on the scenic road, stopped at the pier for a walk along it, then back home around 5:30. Long day, but fun, met some new people & saw a bit more of Fiji. Met Enoch, Fuwe & Rhodas son who is running a church near here. Had a little chat to them and caught up with what was happening there.

5 down, 2 to go!


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