February 14, 2016

Fiji Day 7, Savusavu to Nadi

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20/11/15 – Nadi, Fiji
Flew from Savusavu to Nadi on the 10:15am flight. The primary school kids of the area were doing an excursion and they’d all come to see the planes. The guys at the airport even let them on the plane, so 50-100 kids took it in turns getting on the plane – plane was delayed, but only the ones in a hurry minded… Not us! You would never see that happening in too many other countries. At the airport we actually got weighed with our carry on baggage. Apart from our trip to Labasa, I haven’t had to do that before. I was a bit worried about the figure on the scales though, as my carry on bag wasn’t that heavy and I didn’t think I’d put on that much weight! (I came to the conclusion the scales must have been wrong (or were misread) because when I got home, despite the feasting I’d lost 1kg, so it was all ok).

The plane was really cool too, it was a nice small 10-12 seater plane so you could see all the instruments the pilots were using and we had an excellent view of the scenery as we flew over it. Islands, blue water, it seemed endless, but then just as quickly we transitioned to the contrasting farmland which looked dry and in need of some rain.

Back to the bustle of Nadi, which was still really pretty laid back, then to the Raffles hotel where we checked in & went swimming, had a hot shower, ice cream (what else) and a bit of a rest. That night we had a couple of Fijian guys entertaining us on the guitar. We requested the Fijian national anthem that we’ve heard at every graduation so far. In fact the kids even sing it, which is pretty cool. They played it for us, so we stood with our hand on our hearts much to the amusement of all the staff. Fiji, ever Fiji… And that’s the only line we know of the anthem!

Has been good so far, they really get behind the kids, many families have come to salvation through the work of the preschool & the bethel preschool & management team has a good name amongst the communities they are in.

Fiji, ever Fiji…


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