February 13, 2016

Fiji Day 6, Nacavanadi

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19/11/15 – Savusavu, Nacavanadi
4 down, 3 to go.

The most fun graduation so far, at the village in Nacavanadi. The kids had fun, they sang a lot of songs about the things they were learning, doing it with all the enthusiasm they could muster in the hot weather, the parents got up and danced to some of the songs and afterwards everyone seemed to talk to each other and there was a real sense of community – no doubt because it was in a village, rather than a larger town.

Remember the song in Sound of Music – These are a few of my favourite things – well, they dished up pretty much most of my favourite things at the village! The best food, two types of fish, pineapple, watermelon, passion fruit (in the drink), then cake and ice cream. Oh, and just imagine that heaven actually is better than that. Ritchie asked me if I wanted anything more and I’d just mentioned to him I couldn’t fit another thing in. Out came the ice cream. There’s always room for ice cream! It became a standing joke whenever the ice cream was produced at the end of the feast.

Looking around the village was really interesting, the huge mango tree was the center and it provided plenty of welcome shade in the hot afternoons. Left the village and went down with Sarah and looked around the shops and the shoreline. Really scenic on the shoreline, palm trees, yachts, water and islands. It was funny that we actually met people we knew down in the town. We felt like locals! We also met a rather special person whose name and details I cannot mention, because we were sworn to secrecy. (Doesn’t help that I can’t remember the name). He was a very nice person who served us ice cream. Yes, I managed to fit more ice cream in after the feast earlier in the day!

It was Heathers birthday today so we had another feast that evening, which included a very small birthday cake and then some board games.

Bluff Game

Actually, the board game is worth mentioning because you don’t need much equipment at all. So here it is for my future reference. It was called Bluff – or something similar in Spanish. Everyone has 6 dice, a cup and that’s all you need. You throw your dice but don’t show anyone (leaving them underneath the cup). You then have to take it in turns calling out what you think are going to be shown on the die when you remove the cups. So player 1 might call four 2’s, meaning they think that when all the dice are shown, there will be four showing 2 dots. 1’s count for anything, so if you roll a 1, in this example it would count as a 2. Player 2, has to “up” the call. They can only increase the call – so they could call anything above four 2’s (ie five 2’s, six 2’s etc), or increase the number shown on the dice – so they might call four 3’s. They have to start at four though, because that was the number on the original call.

If you are calling that 6’s will be displayed, the next player may cut the call in half and change it to 1’s. So if you call six 6’s, the next person can call three 1’s. It can only happen on 6’s and you round up if the number does not divide by 2 evenly.

At any point the next player can call bluff if they don’t think the previous player’s call would happen when all die are revealed. At that point, every cup is removed showing the values on the die. Count up what is showing, remembering that 1’s count as the number called. If the player who calls is correct (there can be more revealed, but not less), the player who called bluff loses a dice. If there is less than the call, that player is wrong, and loses a dice. Last person with a dice wins.


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