February 12, 2016

Fiji Day 5, Savusavu

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18/11/15 – Savusavu, Fiji
38 kids graduating today. 3 down 4 to go.

Attended a funeral in the morning. Not quite sure why we went, except that the person we’re staying with and the owner of the property asked us to go. A bit of worship, a sermon or two, a eulogy and the ladies sitting around the open coffin, men sitting behind and old men sitting on chairs. Family wore black. Others wore whatever, but preferably black or white, although Indians were in coloured clothes. People arrived whenever, from 10 am. Just at the end, as the coffin was about to go, the women wailed over the body. I mention that, more because it’s not something that we do at our funerals. If there is no cremation, the coffin will be carried out and the family, then friends will follow behind. But this was an intentional part of the ceremony, perhaps a way of letting out grief, but something that was almost uncomfortable to witness and I felt like I was intruding on a moment of grief.

Had some make shift lunch, whatever was lying around, then waited to be picked up for the next graduation service. And waited! Ok, we were only 20 mins late and the other honoured guests arrived after us. And they would never begin without us anyway, they will wait an hour or more if some kids haven’t shown up. Was hard to speak as the guests kept talking, not just through mine, but others as well. There was a great view from the church when you were preaching, it would almost encourage the preachers to go longer, except that they (we/I) need to remember that if you go outside, it’s a much better view! More incentive to get it over and done with quickly!

So often we take our surrounds for granted as we go through the hustle and bustle of life and it’s not until a visitor comes or we intentionally take time out that we actually see what is always around us through new eyes.

Students did some good items, but they did go a little long. They were showing their counting skills, going from 1 – 100 but the loudest person got it wrong so the rest followed. It was pretty funny. Had another good meal, followed by ice cream, then a celebration funeral service back at the house/preschool.


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  1. julie enjoying reading the diary of your trip how are you everyone at squash is missing seeing you russell hasn’t been able to find someone to play every second week so you can come back mark

    Comment by Mark Thornton — February 12, 2016 @ 10:01 pm | Reply

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