February 11, 2016

Fiji Day 4, Vunika Labasa to Savusavu Fiji

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17/11/15 – Savusavu, Fiji
2 down, 5 to go! Ok, that sounds like I’m trying to zip through them, but I was quoting Ritchie who was organising them all. They really were quite fun.
We had the second of 7 graduations today at Vunika, Labasa. There were a lot less here at todays one, not as many family & 1 less student. Had a good meal afterwards, the fish was superb, the custard pie was also good & so was the watermelon and pineapple. Each graduation ceremony we get a garland given to us. I met the ladies who had made mine after the ceremony and they got plenty of photos. It was nice, but unfortunately it wasn’t going to transport well, so I generously donated mine to the lady at the hotel who had looked after our luggage. Then we took a taxi to Savusavu and enjoyed the scenic drive. Took a walk from the pre school to the airport & beach, was really nice scenery, coconuts on the beach, crabs in shells that walked along and coconut trees on the shore line. It was great to get out and have a look around the area and enjoy some secret local spots! That night was an Indian type meal and then we had a funeral type service for a lady who had died a day or so ago (the mother of the landowner). Her full funeral is tomorrow. Turns out some of her family had been on the plane with us from Nadi to Labasa and had flown in from the US. Finished off some certificates for the next ceremony tomorrow, had a dodgy cold water bucket shower, then bed.


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