February 10, 2016

Fiji Day 3, Daku, near Labasa

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16/11/15 – Daku, near Labasa, Fiji
Went to the first of 7 preschool graduations. About an hour drive from the hotel to get to Daku. It was up in the mountains, so it was a nice drive to get there. Ritchie drove us, picking us up and then taking us back later on. We watched the final preparations & then we walked in in procession format, followed by the little kids who were graduating. They changed the format & I ended up speaking almost right away, didn’t do a great job to be honest, so I better improve (remember that we are always our own harshest critics, so it probably wasn’t that bad). The little kids did a few items & there were plenty of family watching. Friends, uncles, aunties, cousins – the whole village came out for the graduation. Graduating from preschool is a big deal here. Afterwards we had lunch, a really good feast, plenty of meat, fish and fruit. Apparently the boys from the village had gone hunting and caught a wild pig which was cooked for the feast. That’s pretty cool. Heather presented some days for girls kits to the ladies and young women. They were really appreciative. Had a walk around the area, looked at where the men were doing the cooking & the ladies the preparation. Nice scenery in the area. Came back to Labasa & looked through the market near the bus station & wandered the main street. Got followed by an old man. Not sure what he wanted from us, but we met him at the market and he kept reappearing. Ate again at the Lunch Box, quite good again, considering it’s fast food.


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