February 9, 2016

Fiji Day 2, Labasa

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15/11/15 – Labasa, Fiji
We arrived in Nadi, then sat around in the airport for a few hours waiting for our next flight. The flight to Labasa was quick, about 40 mins, where we were picked up by Ritchie.
We came back to our hotel, the Takia, which was nice enough, air con, fridge, hot water & close to everything. Except everything is closed on a Sunday! We found a mini supermarket & Judi really wanted some pears. We bought a couple of cans, borrowed a can opener from the restaurant at the hotel & proceeded to try & open the can. They also gave us a knife. We’re from Australia and have NO IDEA how to open a can with a knife. Anyway, the can opener was blunt and that was the result. Had tea at the lunch box, a nice fast food meal, pizza was very nice and the fish looked really good. Got a drink just for the cup, which was reused the next day for a bowl for breakfast. I was working on my graduation speech that afternoon and somehow, despite a night of no sleep, Judi and I managed to stay awake all afternoon. You can do crazy things when you’ve had no sleep, hence the can… It was an early night.

Oops, nearly forgot. It has to be mentioned. Somebody was wearing a sarong. It’s not a good idea to have a sarong wardrobe malfunction on the runway with armfuls of luggage and an airport audience as well. It’s really hard to recover! And no, it wasn’t me. Stay tuned for more stories…


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