February 7, 2016

Cambodia Trip Day 14, Bangkok

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12/11/2015 – Aeroplane, from KL to Melbourne
After boarding the flight yesterday afternoon Bangkok time, I stopped via KL. Got on the plane to not 1 seat, not 2, not 3 but 4 seats. I was trying not to get too excited! Unfortunately the plane was delayed and during that time they moved somebody else into the row, but still 2 seats is pretty good. Unfortunately it didn’t help and I didn’t sleep much. Plane food was pretty ordinary, and served at weird times.
However, I did manage to spend all my left over baht, all 102 of it. Exactly all gone. Nailed the challenge! 2 Snickers, an ice cream, 1 packet of peanuts and 2 postcards. Picked up by Andrew, then back to Heathers and home. All over for 60 hours, when I will head to Fiji for a missions trip. Holiday was good, but probably didn’t get into it until the last few days. Temples, water and buses was how Mike described it and that’s pretty accurate. Overall it was good, but perhaps it’s time to hang up the holiday boots for a while, especially the Asian ones. It’s interesting that wherever you go, the temples are well visited, by tourists as well as locals. It’s not something that I actually enjoy visiting, I think I got templed out on my first China trip in 2006, but it provides an interesting insight into human behaviour. The number of people who don’t believe in the buddhist or hindu gods, but yet will offer something when they visit the temple fills me with a reminder that ultimately we are all looking for something, searching for something to believe in, hoping, or even daring to believe, that our lives could be better than what they are at the moment. It brings a sadness, but yet an excitement, as I realise that there is still plenty of work to do to get the excitement of Jesus and the gospel to more people.


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