February 6, 2016

Cambodia Trip Day 13, Bangkok

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11/11/2015 – Bangkok, Thailand
Only day in Thailand (half a day really), did a canal and temple tour in the morning. Canals were cool. Started it off with a public bus ride, wooden floors, open windows, a little different to what we’re used to bus wise. Went to the palace, just a place for the king, who doesn’t live there any more. Ultimate in irony “just a place for the king”. Rather opulent place for a king (who doesn’t live there any more).
Was really hot there. Mosaics on the buildings were impressive. All had to be done by hand. Of course many hindu & buddah statues. Thought we’d do more canals as that was what I really wanted to see. Some houses on the canal had a letterbox, some had a boat, washing hanging out etc. They have canal intersections & sign posts like street signs, pretty cool. From there another temple, Wat Phra, where it had the reclining buddah. Tried three taxis to get back to the hotel, only one would use a meter. It really wasn’t far, but just far enough that we didn’t want to walk in the heat. Jumped in a taxi from the hotel to the airport & first thing he did was turn the meter off. Dodgy Thais! Bus was cool, canals were cool.


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