February 4, 2016

Cambodia Day 11, Siem Reap

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9/11/2015 – Siem Reap, Cambodia
Quiet day really. Went on a quad bike tour, supposed to be 1.5hrs on the bike, but wasn’t quite that. Had fun going through the mud, I’m sure we deliberately went through puddles just because we could, which was fun. And it had rained quite a bit overnight, making more mud. Nice. Would have been fun with some others where I could have sprayed them with mud though! Saw some rice paddies, buffalo, cows & people doing some farming work. A few kids around, but pretty quiet really. Good to get out in the country & see some of the countryside up close. Would have been nice to stop for more photos.
After that, grabbed some lunch, walked around the central and old markets, then the Asian supermarket. Met an older man who wanted me to talk to his sister who was coming to Australia to work as a nurse. Their mother wasn’t happy with her going and they both wanted me to come and meet the mother to show her that Australians are friendly. I didn’t think it was a good idea to head off to some random strangers house… But I spoke to her on the phone. Got asked by somebody again to buy milk, got the sob story about how it is for their child, but it’s a scam, they on sell it for more money. Came back and rested. Final night tonight for some of our group, so we went to a restaurant in Pub Street, had a bit of karaoke and most of us headed home reasonably early. My room mate arrived back home around 4.30am…


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