February 3, 2016

Cambodia Day 10, Siem Reap

8/11/2015 – 10:50 Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Angkor wat temples. Visited the major Angkor Wat temple, where massive blocks of stone were put into place around the year 800. This is the temple that appears on the Cambodian flag. After that went to Bayon temple in Angkor Thom, the second largest temple complex. Saw the Baphuon temple where you had to walk down a long bridge to get there, then climb a heap of steps to the top. Ok views from the top, needed to be higher. Steps are so steep though, these are the wooden tourist steps too. The real ones are narrow, thin & steeper. From there we saw the Ta Prohm Temple which had trees growing all over it & through it. That was cool. Almost interdependent, but yet one day the trees will win if it is allowed to continue as is. So old, so steep, how did they build them all I wonder. Most temples were Hindu temples & converted to buddhist later on. Some are used by both.

Rained, missed sunset, but had a good time talking to the locals at the shops where we took shelter. Had a great grilled whole snapper for tea at a local restaurant down the road, was superb.



  1. julie you must have either some time off or not much work at present as you are getting all your trip reports done recently mark

    Comment by Mark Thornton — February 3, 2016 @ 6:33 pm | Reply

    • Thanks to the wonders of scheduling in wordpress, over the Christmas/New Year break I managed to schedule a couple of months worth. It’s getting near the end now!

      Comment by pearsey — February 17, 2016 @ 11:21 pm | Reply

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