February 1, 2016

Cambodia Day 8, Kompong Cham

6/11/2015 – Kompong Cham, Cambodia
Another bus ride, this time leaving the capital behind and heading to Kompong Cham. This town is on the banks of the Mekong river, definitely a river I wouldn’t want to swim in. Pretty amazing to think the river flows through 6 countries and I’ve now seen it, cruised it and been on the shores of it in 5 of those countries.
Got here about lunch time, had lunch, then I went to visit a couple of temples, Phrom Proh (Man Hill) and Phnom Sray (Woman Hill), mainly hoping for some good views of the city. Failed on the man hill, the woman hill, with a steep stair case leading to it was a little better, where you do get some good views of the surrounding area. Next was our bike ride where it looked like it was going to pour as we were leaving and about 4 mins in it did. Of course it poured as only it can in tropical countries. 10 points to me for preparation, pulling out the poncho and taking care of everyone’s phones in the dry sack I’d brought! The highlight though was Ko Paen Bamboo Bridge which they build each year in low water season. It hadn’t quite been finished yet, so you complete the crossing to the island on a ferry. It was interesting riding on the bridge as it was easy to get the tyres stuck in between the bamboo & go down. Horse and carts and even cars went on the ferry and the only way on to the ferry was via the bamboo bridge. Especially in a couple of areas the bridge “sank”, meaning that you were actually riding through water, whether it was the weight of the people on it, or the rain pushing down, I’m not sure, but it gives new meaning to riding (walking) on water. On the island we took shelter from the pouring rain, before abandoning the bike ride & heading back. Highlight of my tour to Cambodia so far though. This town was great, it was really quiet, but yet the quietness and even emptiness didn’t bother me, it was a laid back place to be, but yet everything ran on time, and went smoothly. It was a safe place to be, you didn’t have to look over your shoulder for criminals and didn’t feel like you would be ripped off. Definitely worth a visit if you are anywhere in the area.


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