January 29, 2016

Cambodia Day 5, Chambok

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3/11/2015 – Chambok, Cambodia
Up at 6am for the hike to the waterfall. Not a bad waterfall, unfortunately not many places to actually see it as we went along, or to see it once we got there – which in some ways is good as it means they have preserved some natural areas. Waterfall was nice and refreshing and good to see some natural things rather than just the city all the time. It was nice walking through the forest, not many flowers or birds though, which is typical of Asian forests. Off to Sihanoukville not long after breakfast, more time to sleep in the bus. Quote from one of our tour passengers: “It is inevitable you will sleep on the bus”. Indeed. And we had a lot of bus travel this trip. Stopped at some kind of place where you make an offering for safe travel to some foreign gods & you ca also feed the monkeys if you want.
Spent time on Serendipity Beach for a late lunch, rested by the pool, out to tea and had to dodge the rain coming home.



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