January 24, 2016

Vietnam Day 25, Home

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13/7/2014 – Melbourne
Our flight from Bangkok was quite good, it landed early. Spent some time with Heather, then came home. Unpacked, did the washing and discovered my hot water service wasn’t working. Never mind, it was a good trip. The highlight was definitely the area around Ha Giang, Cao Bang and Meo Vac. Would highly recommend that (just take a different tour company to us). The scenery is spectacular, equal to, or better than, any of what you’ll see in other parts of Asian mountainous areas. The people are friendly, and still haven’t started taking “advantage” of tourists – for example there’s still one price for everyone, rather than the price being jacked up when they see a tourist.

At the time we went it was relatively untouristy, but just in the beginnings of being developed/opened up. We actually still needed a permit to travel around in that area, something we spent ages getting the second day. I don’t know what happened, but what was meant to take only a few minutes ended up taking nearly an hour and our guide mentioned something about “problems”. I wonder whether the Chinese Visa in my passport aroused suspicion seeing as we were right near the Vietnam/China border.

Mum and Dad for the most part enjoyed it, I’m sure Mum would go again. Dad, despite enjoying it at the time and telling everyone he did when he got home, has since had a shift of mindset and has decided he won’t go anywhere near something that might be similar to Vietnam.


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