January 22, 2016

Vietnam Day 23, BaBe to Hanoi

11/7/2014 – Babe lake
Dad told the driver to slow down, now I could walk faster. Thanks Dad. Agreed, the driver needed to slow down, but why wait til we’ve hit the flat stretches of road! Anyway, driver wasn’t well at all, he shouldn’t have been driving but he wouldn’t let me drive (tour guide couldn’t drive). Would have been much better if he’d have handed over the driving as I’m sure there were a couple of times there he drifted off. He claimed he wasn’t asleep when I spoke to him, but I am not convinced. I was glad to be back safely anyway.
Day started off with a bike ride. Mum picked the hilly route, then fell off the bike on the first hill. Found a little side track leading into the forest, abandoned the bike and went exploring. Found a few different insects, more huge spiders. Good to see the forest up close. Rode back, then went around the other way quickly. Not too bad a morning. Travelled from there to a place for lunch via some pass, then stopped off at the Ethnic Minority Museum in Thai Nguyen. That was good, good that they had preserved some of their history, too bad we didn’t get to see some of it in the natural, but we did stay in one of the houses they had there.
Back to Hanoi where I stayed in the legacy hotel, a very nice hotel, sensational shower. Tea at the same restaurant as last Saturday, the yin and yang.


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