January 18, 2016

Vietnam Trip Day 20, Ma Pi Ling Pass

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8/7/2014 – Ma Pi Ling Pass, Cao Bang
Huge day of driving, passing through the Ma Pi Ling Pass. Great scenery, I think it got better as it went along.
Went to an old house in the old quarter to begin with, built in 1860. Nothing special really, but it is very different for the area. Back to Dong Van, to continue onto Cao Bang, via Meo Vac. Stopped a few times to take photos, but only so many you can take before that gets tiring – the view doesn’t get tiring, but taking photos of it does! Sun came out later on which made things look different again.
Best scenery was probably when we were rocketing along, not unsafely, but like a roller coaster.
Also very briefly stopped to take some photos of the people, but don’t worry, we’ll see plenty more, but barely saw any. And never went through some minority villages that we asked to. (So I’m saying it was great scenery, but the driving and tour guide was not so great).
Got to Cao Bang, pizza for tea from a wood fired oven at the Pizza Chi restaurant known for its wood fired pizzas. Excellent.


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