January 11, 2016

Vietnam Day 13, Hue

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1/7/2014 – Hue
Motorbike tour. Went to a village first, riding through lanes that were not very wide, brushing past branches and people as we sped by. Was fun. Showed us the traditional "tools" used in the countryside when they are farming, how they sieve & harvest the rice, how they fish. Would be good to say those were relegated to history, but even as we were riding along, saw some of the fishing baskets along the riverside. Some were fascinated by a fortune teller who was in a photo that we had seen earlier. She was really wrong for one, not sure whether me praying confusion over her had anything to do with it…
Looked around a nearby market, before zipping back through the narrow lanes toward the royal tombs of the king. Huge monuments erected in his honour, but they don’t know exactly where he is buried! Needed a rest badly, thought they’d come back out the same way – nope, tour guide came looking for me when everyone was ready to go…oops! Onto an elephant v tiger stadium, where literally an elephant would take on a tiger. It was entertainment for the king until the tiger took out a trainer. Back to the hotel via the perfume river & another pagoda. Nice scenery, great tour.


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