December 29, 2015

Some updates

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I’ve done a few trips recently that I haven’t got around to posting about on my blog. While it’s mostly for my own reference, it’s also a handy place to back up some of my photos and keep some notes on my trips. The last few trips I’ve been on, which coincidentally I haven’t written up on my blog, I managed to keep a short diary on an app on my phone. But now I’m upgrading my phone and I don’t think the diary entries will be coming with it (unless I can find a way, I do enjoy reading them again).

So over the next few weeks/months, I’ll post the entries to my blog. They’re short (about 1000 characters), normally unedited and the photos aren’t always the best – just whatever I remembered to take using my phone at the time.

There’s 3 trips – Vietnam, Cambodia and Fiji that I’ll upload. Vietnam was last year, around June/July 2014 and was basically a trip to introduce Mum and Dad to an Asian country as neither of them had been before. Cambodia was back in November this year, a whirlwind two week trip that began in Ho Chi Minh City, finished in Bangkok and visited some of the highlights of Cambodia. I backed that up with Fiji – leaving a mere 60 hours after I’d returned from Cambodia. Fiji was a missions trip, where a team of us attended 7 pre school graduations; I did the graduation speeches and preached the one Sunday I was there and we all presented gifts and certificates to the students, helped out wherever we could and of course had some fun.

If I ever get around to posting some of my other photos and a few more details of the journey’s, that would be good, but til then, this will have to do.


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