January 1, 2015

Let us now go

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Christmas has just been and it’s always a good time to reflect on the first Christmas day. Although it’s a few days late, here are my thoughts on Christmas this year.

Luke 2:8-17
It was night time. Out in the paddock there were some shepherds. Their job was to watch the sheep. No doubt they were just doing what they always did – watching those sheep. You could imagine that at that point, it was just another night. Maybe it was cold and dewy, with not much happening where they were. Maybe the usual stillness was broken by faint noise from nearby Bethlehem as people from all over gathered together, enjoying their time catching up with each other because of the census. Perhaps the light of the moon was providing just enough light for some silhouetted sheep outlines. However their night was going, whatever was or wasn’t happening, something else was about to happen that would change their lives. “Behold, an angel of the Lord stood before them and the glory of the Lord shone around them”.
Their night was changed when they were visited by an angel, then a multitude of angels. The darkness was gone. Dazzling light, the glory of the Lord, shone around the place. The peaceful night they were having was rudely interrupted and they were greatly afraid.

The angel said not to be afraid before delivering the message. Angels must be big scary things, because that’s a common thing the angel has to say when he visits people.
The message for the shepherds was that a Saviour had been born that day, a Saviour who would be their King. If they were to go and see, they would find a Babe wrapped in swaddling cloths, lying in a manager.

After the angels gave the message, they departed. They didn’t tell the shepherds to go and visit the baby Jesus – they just said if you go, this is what you will find. The shepherds said to one another “let us now go”. It doesn’t sound like they needed much convincing. They just decided to go and visit the baby. They went there quickly.

They left everything behind. Their sheep, livelihoods and potentially their jobs. They took a risk and responded to God. They trusted God and found it just as the angel had said.

When we hear the Christmas story, are we quick to go and come to Jesus? Do we respond quickly when we hear from Him? Is our response one of seeking Jesus, or is it one of ambivalence, an “I’ll go when I’m ready” type of response. The shepherds responded: “let us now go”.


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