December 28, 2014

Ambositra to Ambalavo

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The mornings were surprisingly cool in Madagascar and today was no exception. There was dew on the ground as we wandered down for another thrilling breakfast – bread (stale by our standards) and jam. I think we’d have been better off abandoning our “included” breakfast and choosing something from the menu, but never mind we persisted. It was only day 2 or 3, surely they would get better! Other than that though, our accommodation was pretty good, we stayed at the Violetta and we stopped for lunch here on the way back later on in our trip and it was excellent.
There wasn’t a lot on the agenda today, just a light day of travelling and visiting some tourist shops, so we took our time earlier on (and ran out of time at the end of the day!)
Our first stop was still in Ambositra, a little woodworking shop tucked away on a side street just off the main street. The men here cleverly craft many different portraits and pictures, one piece of wood, a little piece sawn out, and another different coloured piece stuck in creating a flat picture. Really clever and good craftsmanship.

Wood carving

Wood carving

Following this we headed toward Fianarantsoa, past plenty of scenic rice paddies and hills, and through a major locust/cricket plague. Not sure what effect that would be having on the rice paddies, but I imagine it would be fairly devastating.

Ever the entrepreneurs though, the Madagascans had piles of dried crickets available for sale on the side of the road. Yummy!

Crickets for sale!

Crickets for sale!

Fianarantsoa, our lunch stop, was a little different to the other Madagasy towns like Ambositra. It seemed to have much wider streets, lower buildings and was much more flater in the town area – but was still surrounded by steep hills providing a scenic backdrop for the town, but a great place to go and get a good view of the city.

Overlooking Fianarantsao

Overlooking Fianarantsao

We visited the train station, a trip of which was meant to be on the itinerary, but the train wasn’t running, a photography place, selling postcards and posters with some lovely scenic shots of the people and places in Madagascar and finished it off with a view to an out of the way lookout where we had a group of young kids selling some stuff to help raise funds for their school (or something like that).

Church in Ambalavo

Church in Ambalavo

Onward to Ambalavo where we had just enough time before it got dark to have a really quick walk around the area where we were staying, then back to the Hotel aux Bougainvillieés where we had a meal almost by candlelight to finish the day.


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