February 9, 2014

Back to Uganda

JKIA (Nairobi Airport Kenya) - we spent a bit of time here...

JKIA (Nairobi Airport Kenya) – we spent a bit of time here…

My trip from Malawi to Uganda was a full day of travelling and airports, with a few hour stopover at Nairobi airport Kenya. Our flights were all through Kenyan Airways, hence we became very familiar with the Nairobi airport. By the way – I would definitely recommended them, the staff were always courteous and pleasant, we didn’t really have any major delays that I can remember (ahh, one leaving Madagascar), although there’s not much to do at Nairobi airport to fill in time.

Moonrise over Lake Victoria, Uganda

Moonrise over Lake Victoria, Uganda

Our flight departing Nairobi was timed perfectly to see the sunset and the moon rise as we flew in over Lake Victoria. It was good to see the old familiar red dirt from the air and I must admit, I was a little bit excited to be arriving there again (arrived Fri 24/5/13). We got through customs fairly quickly, even collected our baggage quickly and stopped at the ATM’s on the way out of the airport (as you do) to grab a few UGX (Ugandan Shillings). One thing that has made a travellers life 1000 times easier is the ability to withdraw cash from your own account virtually anywhere in the world. I can really appreciate the difficulty people must have had travelling with large wads of cash or having to exchange travellers cheques – sometimes it can be hard enough to find a decent ATM!

Despite the latish time, my favourite pizza place was still open, and as is the tradition, it was a couple of pizzas from Nicky’s Pizza. Standard seems to be slipping a little though, so I may have to find somewhere new, although the young guy who served us was very helpful.

Uganda from the air

Uganda from the air

After present giving time, my luggage must have been about 10kgs lighter! Stacks of tim tams were pulled from deep within the bag, along with a few other Australian treats (like chocolate) and special requests (ipod, power board etc), some special Malawian gifts (coffee, chocolate and swiss roll), with everything seeming to have made it through storage in Malawi. Even the cheese, was still ok – oddly the expensive one that I’d bought that they guaranteed me would make it two weeks without refrigeration had to be trimmed of a little mould while the cheaper 1kg Bodella block was slightly melted but in otherwise perfect condition!

Mike with plenty of gifts

Mike with plenty of gifts

The next day some time was spent looking around Mike and Shirley’s land at Butera. Tried a bit of slashing, saw the bee hives, the slab for the house and the toilets (which were erected not long after I left last time) and did some digging and planting. The afternoon was spent in at Bombo town, looking around at the couple of markets there and a drive around the town and area near there. The veranda of Mike and Shirley’s house in Butera gives a great view of the sunset. If the plants could just shrink down about that time (they can come back after the sun’s gone!) we’d have a perfect view of the sunset!

Sunset, Butera

Sunset, Butera

Sunday morning was off to church, where I had the privilege of ministering in one of the local churches in the Kanyanya area that I preached at the first time I was in Uganda. Our normal interpreter Juliet was sick, so unfortunately she wasn’t there and we had one of the local boys fill in. He stumbled over a few of the easy words, thankfully the congregation helped him out, but it showed the value of a good interpreter when delivering a message. After wards a number of people were filled with the Holy Spirit. Numerous others also requested prayer, some for healing and deliverance, but sadly so many were asking God to provide jobs – unemployment, and consequently poverty, is extremely high in Uganda and high taxes and inflation are only pushing the cost of living higher.

Kanyanya, Kampala

Kanyanya, Kampala

It’s always humbling to receive such a warm welcome when coming to visit churches in other lands and it was no different this time. After the service the pastor and his wife took us back to their place where they provided us with lunch – more than we could eat, which included both main course and dessert with some cold drinks. Dessert is very rare in Uganda, well actually most African nations I’ve been in, so it was humbling experience.

When I met up with Juliet a bit later, I asked her to interpret for me and repeated the bits where my other interpreter had got stuck. She had no problems, and kept looking at me a bit oddly – she couldn’t work out why I was getting her to interpret something so easy! But still, hats off to them both though, to know two languages well enough is more than I know.

The next day was spent doing some odds and ends chores in and around Kampala, such as changing money, dodging the rain, finding ice cream and finalising a bit of packing before the adventure out to the east of Uganda.

Storm clouds approaching Butear

Storm clouds approaching Butera


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