January 13, 2014

Likoma Island Day 3-4

Awoke to another great sunrise and I think I managed to catch it again – it’s always much easier to get out of bed when it’s warm in the morning! Day 3 was Saturday (11/05/13) – and I could hear the hammock calling. While the others headed off for a hike, Malee and I spent some quality time with the hammocks, hung underneath a few of the trees. I spent some time reading, wrote a couple of songs (lost in the book that was later stolen – more later) and of course I’m sure I had a bit of a sleep there too. All too soon the others were back and our peace and quiet was interrupted. Still, the hammock time would have to be one of the highlights and they did bring news that they’d found somewhere that served dessert!

View from my window

View from my window

After the usual pizzas for lunch, the rest of the day was spent in a similar vein, although the hammocks were in the sun in the arvo, so it was back to the nice big common area under the mango tree! A bit of kayaking in the arvo when it cooled down, another great sunset and the day was done and dusted.

Kayaking near sunset

Kayaking near sunset

Sunday came – and we decided to head into St Peters Cathedral to hear the singing in the cathedral. Malee though, had promised we’d drop into one of the workers church – the smaller St Marks at the south end of the island. Best thing was they said – it wasn’t far from here – just over the hill, a few minutes away!! Africans don’t have much idea of time and it took us about an hour to get there. We stayed for a while before heading to our original destination, St Peters – which was at the other end of the island. That too, was just up the road, so another hour later we got there. I’m a slow walker anyway, perhaps even a bit slower in warm weather when I’m on holidays. Maybe I was slowing the others down and that was why it took so long – I dunno!

Road up the center, heading north (An excuse to rest!)

Road up the center, heading north (An excuse to rest!)

Anyway, we eventually got there, it was jam packed but they found space for us in some seats at the back – which I felt really bad about. The singing was good, one a hymn I knew, but couldn’t quite remember the words to. I enjoyed it, I love attending church in other countries, but I must admit, I did look longingly at the pentecostal church as I heard the singing coming from there as I walked past it on my way to the cathedral. However, that would have to wait til Uganda.

From there we headed to Ulisa Bay Lodge, on the west of the island for some lunch, at least the walk to here was fairly flat as it was starting to warm up. Can definitely recommend the food there, the view was also pretty good (as it was everywhere). The staff at Balisa bay were a bit fascinated by our desire for sweets, so not only did they do up an excellent one for our lunch, but when we enquired about some to take away, they did everything they could to help us, even finding a little toothpick jar to put the cream in. The hike back to Mango Drift was another hour, excellent scenery along the way, a brilliant blue sky and baobab trees, although at some point we thought it was going to pour. The main problem there if it did rain was our precious cargo of sweets – we did not want to walk back and get more! Some kids kept us company for a while, but all they wanted was money or lollies so when we didn’t oblige, they soon left. The staff at Mango Drift were quite willing to store our sweets in the fridge for us, which was really good.

West Side, near Ulisa Bay

West Side, near Ulisa Bay

Some time in the kayaks and swimming in the crystal clear warm blue water and another excellent sunset, with a lovely communal meal finished another day on Likoma, which unfortunately was to be the last.




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