October 14, 2013

Likoma Island – Day 1

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Mango Drift

Mango Drift

I awoke to a beautiful morning – the first of many (not enough) on the Island. Breakfast was banana pancakes and honey, under the mango tree, overlooking the lovely lake. Wandered along the beach out the front of Mango Drift, taking in the view – water as far as you can see, flat as a tack all the way. Some of the locals were out washing and bathing while it was still cool in the morning and others had already done their day’s work – been and gone (fishing) long before others made it up.



Before it go too hot, we headed off to the south for a bit of a walk along the beach before it became a scramble over the rocks. The sparse shade around this part of the island from the gum and mango trees already provided welcome relief from the heat, even this early in the morning. It was great just wandering along the shore, checking out the rocks, the scenery, with the sound of waves lapping in the background, taking time to take some photos – nothing to do and all day to do it in! Lunch was pizza and the cooks do a great pizza!

Rocks in the lake

Rocks in the lake

When the heat of the day came, like the locals we took refuge from the heat – not in airconditioned comfort like we would at home, but lazing around Mango Drift, doing a bit of reading and sleeping. As it cooled down, I took the kayak for a bit of a paddle and enjoyed a swim in the lovely warm crystal clear water of Lake Malawi. I tried the dug out canoe as well, that wasn’t so successful… And before you laugh too hard, let me just say those things are really really difficult to use – in fact even some of the locals said that one there was a bit dodgy! Still, I dunno how they stay in those things, let alone stand up in them.



Before dusk we headed the opposite direction to this morning, taking a wander along the shore line up that way. Before long the sun was sinking again, another excellent sunset over the lake. The sun sinks so quickly here, you can almost see it drop. After that it was time for the communal tea, the table is set for everyone staying at Mango Drift and the cook comes up with a great meal and everyone gets to socialise with everyone else. Staying with us at Mango Drift tonight was a couple of the locals who work at Kaya Mawa and a couple of the pilots who had some interesting stories to tell.

A home among the gum trees

A home among the gum trees

Then back to the luxury of my little room, a great hot shower and off to sleep with the gentle noise of the waves.


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